Everything Is Intentional … Amazing Universe

Do you know that everything in the Universe is intentional? … Your life is intentional.  Everything that happens to you is intentional even though you may not understand it.

The fact that I am blogging about this right now is intentional.  Someone is looking for this information, this validation, and is going to find it right here.

When I look back on this blogging journey, how I got here, I can see how the Universe lined everything up to get me right to where I am right now.

Let me explain a little.  I am an emergency dispatcher.  I work for an agency here in Maine.  Last year for 6 months I worked for another agency.  Things just lined up for me to leave here and go there.   Someone quit, I purchased a home in the town, it just felt right at the time.  While I was working there I was working midnight shift.  Another co-worker quit which left an opening on my shift.  Prior to that an officer had been injured on the job by a woman who had been driving the wrong way on the connector and rammed the officers cruiser.  He sustained a shoulder injury and since he was on light duty so he was required to work midnight shift in dispatch with me.  This lead to a lot of late night discussions about life and purpose.  It was during some of those conversations that I expressed my desire to help people.  While I knew that I help people by dispatching, I knew I wanted to connect to people on a much deeper level.

I didn’t realize at that moment that by expressing my desire out loud, I was setting an intention with the Universe.

We talked about different things I could do for work.  I was a Pinterest addict at the time.  A pin showed up about blogging and I thought hey … I love to write this might be a cool thing.  We spent hours coming up with different names for the website.  Things just kept coming up in my Pinterest feed that were related.  Now I know some of that has to do with the way the internet is set up and cookies etc (I’m kind of technologically challenged but I do know it isn’t really magic) but I really feel that it opened up a world I never even knew existed.

My point is this.  If the woman hadn’t been on the highway and rammed the officer and injured him, he would not be in dispatch working with me and this blog would not be here and someone who is looking for this information would not be finding it here in exactly the way they need to hear it.

If something is happening to you and you don’t understand it, understand this.  You may be part of a bigger picture here.  What is happening to you may not be for your benefit or design.  You may be helping someone in ways you have no idea about.  Also, realize that things are happening to other people that are going to help you in ways you may never understand.

Do you have any experiences like this?



P.S.  hey I just wanted to let you all know I have a Facebook group dedicated to helping people grow and change.  It’s a great community of people and I’d love to connect there as well!  Just search Building Butterflies and find me!!  🙂


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