Finding My Life Purpose … Accepting it … and Living It!!!


Cheri and Ali-14

I have always believed that we all come to Earth with a purpose.  We all have lessons to learn, lessons to teach, people to help and to receive lessons from others ~ because they have things to teach while they are here too.

I started this blog because I felt a stirring in my heart that maybe I could help a few people who were in the same place as I was and that together we could grow, share and completely transform our lives.

I honestly didn’t know when I started this blog that I was going to learn so much.

Lately I feel like a small child, with a mind that is like a sponge … just open and absorbing all kinds of new things and starving for more information.  I feel like I am being called upon and guided in every way to finally do what I came here to do in my time on Earth.  Every question I ask somehow magically before me pops up a way to learn about it.  When I need money for a class ~ or a bill ~ it appears.  Sometimes it’s in the form of overtime LOL but I have even “found” money in my checking account that I have no idea where it came from.  This is what is known as The Law of Attraction.

I have always felt like I was living on the outside of my life looking in.   I always felt like people didn’t quite understand me because I am super sensitive.  When I say I’m sensitive I don’t just mean my feelings get hurt easily (although it would have appeared that way to anyone else who didn’t really know me) what I mean is I am sensitive to the energy around me.  I pick up vibrations from other people.  If they are happy, I am happy.  If they are sad, I am sad.  I pick up anger, hurt, excitement, pain, loss and fear.  I pick these up and I take them on.  I can’t be in a crowded room for a long time.  I have trouble going to parties or bars because there is just too much energy there and I never knew how to handle it.  I became sort of an introverted/extrovert … because anyone who knows me really well knows that I am not truly introverted once you get to know me!!  I can’t lie though … for the past, oh I don’t know … 20 years or so I became someone I didn’t know ~ or even like very much.   That is because I did not feel like I could be my true self.  I have hidden so much of my true self for so long that I really almost forgot who I am.  I lost my passion for almost everything.  I had taken on so many feelings and energy that were not really my own and really had no outlet for it.

What I say next is either going to make you think (or confirm for you if you have known me a long time) I am crazy … or totally make you want to stay here on my blog forever … because people either accept this or they don’t … but what I want every one to understand … is that this isn’t new for me … it isn’t something that I just picked up and said “oh … this is what’s going on” ~ I have known I am this way forever but I hid it from almost everyone.  Only people who know me really well know that I can tell when something is wrong.  I can tell when people are going to get hurt.  I can see people hurting inside.  I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides and God.  I believe in Heaven and that we come here as a spirit … take on a body with a purpose and lessons to learn … and then we return to Heaven as that spirit … but enlightened by what we learn here.

I hid all this for years because I felt when I talked about it (even a little bit) that people were like “oh yeah … she’s losing it” or  “here she goes again” … and I cared what people thought about me.  I wanted everyone to like me.  To think I was “normal.”  But being normal for everyone else doesn’t make me happy.  It’s not my “normal.”  “normal” for me includes asking a question to the Universe or God or my Angels and Guides … and receiving an answer.  I receive these answers in many ways.  Sometimes it’s a thought, a song on the radio, a whisper, a feeling, a memory, a vision, a tv show, or even an email.   I asked “what am I supposed to be doing here?” and the answers I received started coming in full force.  I am here to help people like me!  “How am I going to do this?”  You are going to write!!  “How am I going to get the information out there?”  Pinterest posts started popping up all over the place for Blogging.  “how am I going to do this while I work 60+ hrs a week and take care of Ali”  I was contacted by someone who wanted to teach me how to start an online coaching business.   “How am I going to teach other people when I am unsure of myself?”  Classes started popping up in Facebook groups I was in, Emails started pouring in, my Pinterest suggestions changed.  Some of the things in Facebook that popped up were Angel card readings … which I of course jumped right on because I wanted guidance.  I asked how I was going to help people … and over and over the Writing card came up!!   OMG you want me to write???”    “What am I going to call this?”   Butterflies started popping up everywhere in everything I was reading, in stores, etc and I found the name Building Butterflies somewhere deep in my soul.  So here we are!!

Everyone has this ability.  Everyone has this gift.  We are all energy.  Everything here is energy.  I am an Empath.  I’m intuitive.  I am here to teach you how to use it and make the most of it!!  I want to teach you to live with JOY!!

I am here to find my voice ~ I am here to stand in my truth ~ and I am here to learn to fly.  I want to teach you to do the same!!  I now have a Facebook group where I will be supporting women like myself.  Women who know they are meant to do more than they are!!  Women who want to find their voice.  Their truth.  Their wings.   I AM Building Butterflies!!




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    Great post Cheri and I am so glad you stepped out and stopped worrying about what YOU think everyone would think of You! There are so many people out there that need to read this 🙂

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      Thanks Gil!! It feels so good to finally just be me and not care what people think of me! I now know that finding your tribe, somewhere you feel safe enough to be the real you is so empowering and exciting.

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