Butterflies … and Lemongrass!!!


Hi Everyone!!

So as a single mom, I find there is just never enough income no matter how hard I seem to work so I strive to find ways to make money that fit into my life and my values.  The most important things are not losing time with my daughter … and I have to believe in what I am doing.

I used to do a lot of direct sales for things like Princess House, Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, Close to My Heart, Discovery Toys and The Body Shop at Home.  All of these companies fit into my life for many different reasons during different “seasons” of my life but the one thing they all had in common was that I could work them around my daughter’s schedule or take her with me while I worked!

One of my favorites was the Body Shop at Home … I loved being able to bring a really FUN party to women, so that they could enjoy pampering themselves and their friends while aiding in supporting community and fair trade in underdeveloped countries.  Unfortunately they stopped doing the “At Home” portion of the business which put a lot of consultants out of work.

I searched for many years for a company that I could put myself behind.  I have finally found it.

Lemongrass Spa!!  The products are 97-100% natural, made in America, are Gluten Free, free of those nasty cancer causing ingredients found in most beauty products AND they do no animal testing.   I signed up and am excited to start my journey!

I have a website so feel free to check it out!   There’s lots of great information and pictures on the website so I won’t bore you with it here lol!!


I’d love to bring these products into your home to introduce them if you are in the New England area … the parties are great … picture wine, friends and soaking your feet!!  If you are further away from me feel free to purchase right off the website or I can put you in touch with a local consultant who can facilitate a party for you!

OR … if you love the idea of being your own boss … feel free to contact me for more information about signing up to be a consultant yourself!  A lot of women sign up for just the discount and that is great too, but if you want to create a career out of doing something you love, making your own schedule and enriching other women’s lives then you definitely want to join my team!!   Not only am I a new blogger but I am a motivational coach and can help you get the most out of this opportunity!!

What do you do to make money from home??  Do you love what you do?  Feel free to comment below!!  I want this site to be a community where we support and encourage women to be the most they can be!!

OHHHHH  and you can now find me on Facebook!!  … you guessed it!!!   Building Butterflies is the group name!!  If you can’t find it comment below with your name and I will add you to the group!




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