Ali’s Words of Encouragement … on Divorce


Hello everyone I’m back and I wanted to kick off this next blog with what it’s like if your parents are going through a divorce.

Ok so it may feel like the end of the world but it’s really not, and we will get through it together.

The best way I found to get over this feeling is to talk it out with someone you trust, (friend, parent, teacher etc.) Maybe your parents aren’t getting divorced and they just fight a LOT, the thing you have to remember is it’s not your fault. So the worst part about this is which parent you’re going to live with (I go half and half). Because everyone loves their parents equally and both are good for teaching life skills. Like dads are good for picking you up and brushing you off if you fall, or teaching you how to survive on your own. Or teasing you about your Boyfriend if you have one!!! Moms however will be the ones to talk about the boyfriend or that teaches you how to use in the house things such as cooking cleaning etc.

If you guys have any more questions post them in the comments below and I will try my hardest to try to answer them all, hope this covered a lot of the basics for you!


Until next time keep smiling


See Ya!


Ali 🙂


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    You’re right Ali, it’s hard sometimes. I went through this as a child (3 times) and it really stinks. However, it is very much survivable, even though it feels like the end of the world. You’re lucky to get even time with Mom & Dad, I got every other weekend with my Dad, but he still made it soo much fun on those weekends. It gets easier as you get older.

    Great job on the blog. Can’t wait to see your future postings.

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    You are going to be a big help to many kids!! You have been a rock through our last few years and I am so proud of the little girl I started this journey with and even more proud of the young lady you are becoming!! Always stay true to yourself and you will go so far!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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