Meet my favorite Butterfly … Ali



I started feeling like I was just plodding along in life and I was ready for some awesome changes ~ so at this point I’d say I’m moving from a caterpillar to my chrysalis … the transformation is beginning ~ and when I am done I will be an amazing butterfly …

As I said, I want to inspire other people along the way … but one of the most beautiful butterflies I want to inspire is my 11 year old daughter Ali!!  She is involved in and helping me with this blog ~ In fact she picked the name and I think it fits PERFECTLY!! ~

I decided that exposing her to every aspect of this just teaches her that it’s ok to grow and change and give her the resources to do so ~ and it also teaches her to help people 🙂

Ali is a gymnast, a crafty girl like her mom and a super strong, resilient girl with a strong mind and will … But she is also funny, super soft and cuddly (she will kill me for that later!!  lol)

She asked if she could also have her own blog page and so for now I’m having her blog with me.  (Once I figure out how to work this WordPress program better there will be a place to click to get to her corner of the blog.)

Ali will be writing about gymnastics, all things tween and I hope something inspirational for kids of divorced parents to let them know that you can survive your parents drama and come out ok!

I hope while you mom’s (and dad’s) get motivated with me, you can spend some time together with your children getting to know us!!




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